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House Packing – The Key to a Successful Move

As veritable experts in removals, we can confirm that the secret to a smooth relocation lies squarely in the packing.  At Ferguson Removals, we've perfected the art of packing, with every box or crate correctly labelled, with colour codes. If you would like to know packing and removal costs in Blyth or Cramlington for any project, we can provide a very competitive quote for a first-class service

The Packing Right Materials

Another critical factor to any house packing in Cramlington or Blyth is having access to the right materials – foldable boxes, tape, scissors, labels, bubble wrap and thick blankets are all essentials when moving house or office. A packing quote in Blyth, for example, would include the option for packing and labelling, giving you the choice.

Peace of Mind Packing

We are all human and therefore liable to make an error or misjudgement, and if you were to drop the family heirloom china, for example, it is very unlikely your home insurance would cover such a valuable loss, yet with Fergusons Removals, all of your precious possessions are comprehensively covered.

Packers and Movers Failsafe System

With more than 80 years of relocating homes and businesses in Northumberland, we can safely say we have designed the perfect system for efficient relocation. From the very first enquiry, we assign a project manager to every customer, and it is their role to assess the move and liaise with the team to carry out the relocation.

Allocating the Packing

Of course, we realise there are some people who much prefer to pack their own things, and to assist in this, Ferguson Removals provide every customer with a comprehensive packing checklist. With every packing quote in Cramlington or Blyth, we will quickly establish who is responsible for the packing, and should you decide to carry this out, we will work together with you to ensure a smooth transition.

If you would like to avail yourself of our expert packing services, give us a call on 0191 250 3910 or leave a message and we'll soon be in touch.


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