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When you are planning your move, print this page out and tick off each item as you complete them:

Confirm dates with Fergusons Removals
Sign and return contract together with payment
Confirm insurance arrangements at declared value
Arrange a contact number
Dispose of anything you don't want
Start running down freezer contents
Contact carpet fitters if needed
Book mains services for disconnections
Cancel all rental agreements
Notify doctor, dentist, optician, vet
Tell your bank and savings/share accounts
Inform telephone company
Ask Royal Mail to re-route your post
Tell TV licence, car registration, passport offices
Notify HP and credit firms
Make local map to new house for friends and moving company
Clear the loft
Organise parking at new home
Plan where things go in new home
Cancel the milk/newspapers
Clean out the freezer
Arrange minders for children/pets
Find and label keys
Address cards to friends and relatives
Separate trinkets, jewellery and small items
Sort out linen and clothes
Put garage/garden tools together
Take down curtains/blinds
Collect children's toys
Put together basic catering for family at new home
Disconnect and bundle cords on television and stereo components. Label each cord with masking tape and a description of where to connect it.
Plan and measure where your furniture will be placed in your new home. It's helpful to draw a layout of your new home and sketch in the major furniture pieces.
To save time on moving day, move your boxes from the basement, upstairs or attic to the main floor prior to the move date. consider carrying items from the back to the front garden or garage ahead of time.
Keep your phone connected through moving day to stay in touch with friends, family and the moving company.


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